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The Simple Art of Being Present

There is a simple way to come out of this mind that never stops thinking, but it won't let you believe that.

How to Coach Yourself Using These Wisdom Quotes:

  1. Put aside everything you think you already know.

  2. Open your mind and heart to receive something new.

  3. Take your time going through each point.

  4. Return to any points that particularly touch you.

  5. In the coming days, listen carefully to the wisdom within you.

*All quotes are by Leonard Jacobson, from the video: Awakened Humanity

1. See the Disconnection

Leonard Jacobson Quote

"Whenever I speak, I’m not speaking to your mind or to your ego, or to that part of you that needs to understand. I’m always speaking to the awakened you.

Everyone is already a fully awakened being. It’s a very simple truth. But, to the extent that we become absorbed into the world of the mind, we disconnect from the truth that is ever present within us.

This is what has happened to humanity. The whole of humanity is absorbed into the world of the mind, constantly thinking. In fact, the greatest and deepest addiction that afflicts humanity is our addiction to thinking.

Somehow, we cannot stop thinking. Even if we meditate for 30 years, still, those thoughts persist. They keep coming up, uninvited, unintended, and the consequence of these thoughts is that it keeps us imprisoned in the world of the mind - which is the world of the remembered past (not the true past) or the imagined future (not the true future).

This is the situation that humanity finds itself in: lost in the past, lost in the future, a world of illusion, a world of separation.

Deep within us, is this longing for liberation, for freedom, for awakening, for truth, for oneness. This longing emanates from the soul. It’s deep within us, but most of us are enslaved and imprisoned within the world of the mind.

So, I’m not speaking to your mind. I’m speaking to the awakened you. If you’re present in this moment, you are an awakened being. That’s how simple it is."


Leonard begins by clarifying that he is speaking to the awakened you. Perhaps you're not accustomed to thinking of yourself as an awakened being but, just for a moment, you can safely put aside all your concepts and receive the simple fact that, "if you are present in this moment, you are an awakened being."

From this view, we can easily understand why humanity is the way it is. With the majority of us lost in the world of the thinking mind, we are not present with the truth of life and, therefore, unawakened.

However, as helpless as this may seem, the beauty of it is that, with each one of us, this situation can change in an instant. And the more such instances of awakening (returning to presence) there are, the more quickly the state of humanity changes.

2. See the Miracle

Leonard Jacobson Quote

"At the very deepest level, who you are, who I am, who we are, is pure consciousness beyond form and beyond content. Now, you can't even think about that. It's impossible. Pure consciousness beyond form and beyond content.

The great miracle is that you, pure consciousness, have somehow managed to manifest into your physical body. If you could stay present in your physical body, relating moment to moment to what is here through your senses - present with what you see, present with what you hear, taste, touch, smell - if you could just remain present with what is here, then your experience would be one of heaven on earth.

That's the awakened state - heaven on earth. You'd recognize where you are, you'd know who you are: pure consciousness in a physical body, relating moment to moment to heaven on earth.

That's the truth at the very deepest level."


There are many ideas and beliefs about who we are beyond this physical realm, but I always ask myself, how helpful are they? Simplicity and truth have a way of resonating deeply in your being, beyond anything the mind can understand.

Have you ever considered yourself to be a miracle? Truly? Take a deep breath right now and spend a moment to appreciate how you are being kept alive every day. Your lungs are being breathed, your heart is being pumped, and all your bodily systems are working without your help.

In the same way, you have been blessed with senses in order to interact with the world. Use them. See, hear, taste, touch, smell, and let all these gifts bring you back home to presence, where heaven can be experienced today.

3. See the Reality

Leonard Jacobson Quote

"So many people, now, are interested in awakening, and that’s just wonderful! There’s a shift happening and there’s a real potential for awakening for anyone who’s willing to let go of the old and embrace the unknown.

When I speak of awakening I’m speaking of awakening from the limited world of the mind, the past and future, a world of illusion and separation, awakening out of your story, out of your dream, into the truth of life revealed through this moment.

I can sum up my entire teaching in one sentence: "In truth, there is no life outside of this moment." A simple truth.

How can we live outside of this moment? You can only live in this moment, you can only breathe in this moment, eat in this moment.

It’s impossible to live outside of this moment, and yet, we all do, like magicians.

We go wandering off into the world of the mind (the past, the future, the dream, the story) and then we become lost there. We think that’s what life is really about.”


This shift from the hypnotized to the awakened state is available "for anyone who’s willing to let go of the old and embrace the unknown." There comes a time in your life when you have to ask yourself the question: "Am I willing to let go of everything I think I know?"

Are you?

The truth is so simple - too simple for your complicated and voracious mind. But here's how it works: either you're listening to your mind, or you're paying attention to this moment. One is an imaginary realm filled with problems and confusion. The other is where the truth and sweetness of life can be found.

4. See the Simplicity

Leonard Jacobson quote

"Is there a simple way to come out of this mind that never stops thinking, and immediately, instantly, open into the present moment? Without practice, without belief? Is there a simple way? The answer is yes.

In fact, there needs to be a simple way because we humans have been trying to awaken for so long and very few have awakened. We need a clear and direct and simple way.

I’m going to share with you this key to coming out of the mind and into the present moment instantly - no practice, no meditation, no belief, no concept. It’s instant, and it’s so simple. It’s too simple.

When you’re in the mind, you’re in the past and future. In order for you to come out of the past and future into the present, you just bring yourself present with something that is actually here, in the moment, with you.

It can be what you see or you can just close your eyes and be present with your body breathing; present with the sounds you hear; present with the feeling of your hands touching whatever they’re touching.

The moment you’re truly present with something that is here, truly present - which means you’re nowhere else, you’re just here - then, in this moment and only in this moment of presence, you are an awakened being.

Now, your mind and ego will doubt it. Your mind and ego will try and get you out of it. This can’t be it. This is too simple. I’ve been practicing meditation for 30 years or for 30 lifetimes, don’t tell me it’s this simple.

But the truth is, it is."


If you have been in this group for more than a month, you will have come across Leonard Jacobson's teachings on presence. We keep coming back to Leonard's words of wisdom again and again because they are so helpful on our journey of becoming that which we already are.

There is a simple way to come out of this mind that never stops thinking. But you don't have to believe that. Just try it.

Close your eyes and notice any sounds. If you stay there for more than a moment, you may discover that the busy mind falls away because it's not needed. Or not. However, the more you come back to presence, the less your mind will continue to bother you about it.

5. See the Opportunity

Leonard Jacobson Quote

"It’s very simple, it’s very easy to be present, it’s always instant. You cannot regard being present as a process or a practice because you can only be present now.

So you notice you’re thinking, that’s okay, you’re allowed to think. Then, very gently, without rejecting the thoughts, without rejecting the mind, very gently, you just exercise your God-given right to come out of the mind and be present.

That’s how simple it is.

Present with what’s here, your body breathing, the sound you hear.

You can be present in the movement. What do you think Tai Chi is all about? Learning the art of being present in the movement of your body. Just brush your hair in the morning, in presence."


There are so many wonderful opportunities for you to move consciously today. Whether you're walking, making a cup of tea, feeding yourself or getting dressed, you can shift your awareness to the movements you're making. This results in a natural slowing down and a consciousness of what you're doing.

It may seem strange and difficult to sustain at first, but this is only because you have built up a habit of doing things unconsciously while being lost in thought.

Whatever you do, don't convince yourself that "one day" you will become this awakened person who can stay present all the time, or that, after you get over this hump in your life, you will be in a better position to devote yourself to practicing presence.

You can only ever be present now.

6. See the Truth

Leonard Jacobson Quote

"When you’re truly present, you are silence, you are peace, you are love, you are acceptance, you are compassion, you are utterly without judgment and you exist in the realization of oneness.

This is the truth of who you are.

Learn the art of being present. Relax more and more into presence. Deepen into presence. Become familiar with presence.

Ah, this! I love those words, "Ah, this," because those words open up as you’re really, really present. Ah this, you feel the oneness. It starts to look and feel and seem like heaven on earth, which it is.

Just bring yourself present with that which is already present.

Then I can ask you, who is present in this moment? I am. It is the I am that you are, that is the awakened you."


"Learn the art of being present." This is something you can learn, but not in the way you are accustomed to learning, and with a completely different outcome from anything you can imagine.

Learning to be present is gentle, natural, instant and transformational. It involves:

  • remembering to check where you are in this moment - present or lost in the world of the mind,

  • gently bringing yourself back to what is here with you now - using your senses, breath and movement,

  • and allowing your whole being to open up in this peaceful, safe and delightful place of awareness, where everything dissolves into oneness.


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