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Experience a Different Kind of Life Coaching

Life is always showing you the way...

But when you're not open to it, you waste your energy fighting against things that you have no control over.

What if you became aware of what life is teaching you, moment by moment?

Hi, I'm Aliki. 

I know what you want: ​

  • happiness

  • clarity

  • simplicity 

  • and freedom.

But you may have become distracted by looking for those things where you won't find them.


You actually only need one thing and you already have it.




  • Wisdom discerns the difference between you and your thoughts 

  • Wisdom is always guiding you in the right direction

  • Wisdom is never complicated

  • and wisdom reminds you that presence is the key to freedom. So you can only be free now. (Pause and take that in.)

I have full confidence in you. The real you. 

And I've learned to trust life. It's not difficult.  We think it is, but it really isn't.


When you wake up from your thought-created world into the reality of the present moment, you discover something completely new. A way of living that doesn't require trying to improve yourself or arguing with life's unfolding anymore. I've had decades of experience doing both and it's exhausting.

There are plenty of excellent coaches out there to help you achieve your personal and business goals by formulating action plans and keeping you accountable. And I highly recommend investing in a coach to help you do that.


But, while you're working towards those goals, it's important to honour the present moment. It's also wise not to put off your happiness and freedom for an imagined, better, future version of yourself and your life. 

Instead, you can use the life you have right now to discover a deeper dimension of yourself, where everything is already aligned, peaceful and satisfying, just the way it is. 


The more you get to know your true nature, the more you experience a flow in your daily life and you will find, with great delight, that transformation happens spontaneously and effortlessly. 

This has been my experience and has become my expertise.

How I Can Serve You

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I have developed a comprehensive coaching program which involves working together closely for three months to:

  • immediately transform your relationships by mastering real connection in simple ways

  • immediately transform the way you work by using your intuitive wisdom and practical intellect harmoniously to stay in the flow

  • immediately transform your daily experience of life by establishing an intimate relationship with the present moment.


When you work with me, you will discover that change is something that happens instantly, in the moment, when you become aware of what you're doing that's interfering with your enjoyment of life.


As you share the details of your world with me, we masterfully use all of it to realign with life and make the present moment finally feel like home.

Please take into account that this is a mid 4-figure investment. I work with clients who are open and able to invest in themselves. If you'd like to connect and find out more about working together, I invite you to book a call with me.


About Aliki

Aliki Reddy is a certified Profound Well-being Coach with a unique style of creative and intuitive coaching. She guides her clients into relaxed states of awareness, where they can experience the simplicity and freedom of a life aligned with the present moment.

As well as working one-to-one with clients, Aliki uses her skills as a content creator to run a successful online community and blog called the Wisdom Quotes Cafe. Through her work on these platforms she shares powerful wisdom quotes to spark awareness, along with insightful coaching notes to help you apply what you’re learning in your daily life.

Aliki has a background in teaching and entrepreneurship, which has led to the creation of various online courses. After working as a coach for several years, she has developed a simple, practical and  effective method of guiding her clients into their innate wisdom and well-being, using their life situations as a catalyst for the transformation they desire. 

Originally from Greece, Aliki lives in England with her husband, teenage children and Chester the cat. She enjoys songwriting, exploring the beauty of nature, and discovering original ways to guide people from the world of the mind to the world of now.

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Intuitive Business

  • Practical Spirituality

  • Living Mindfully

Specializing in:

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"Aliki has shown me another way of living. My eyes have been opened and I will never look at life the same way." ~MG

Connect With Aliki

Thank you for connecting.

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