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Wisdom Coaching

Wisdom coaching is based on the understanding that we already have wisdom and well-being within us.  It involves using the most excellent and helpful wisdom quotes as a foundation on which to build our understanding of ourselves, others and the world we live in.


As we read or hear the words and are guided in a particular way to receive them with openness, they spark the wisdom within us, thereby transforming our experience of life in a most wonderful way. Problems dissolve, relationships are healed, and our struggle and stress turn into ease and harmony. This all happens through simply connecting in a real way with the wisdom we already have within us.


Wisdom coaching differs from traditional coaching in the following ways:

  • becoming aware of our thoughts rather than analyzing the thoughts themselves;

  • realizing that our human experience is being created from the inside-out rather than by our outward circumstances;

  • gaining insights into the entrapment of our conditioned mind rather than trying to manipulate our behaviour;

  • clearing the mind to receive clarity and direction rather than cluttering the mind with too much information;

  • focusing on being present rather than chasing self-improvement goals and striving for an idea of a future self;

  • changing our relationship to our feelings rather than living with the stress of constantly rejecting the ones we don't want;

  • focussing on dissolving rather than solving problems;

  • and recognizing that freedom and satisfaction can only be experienced now.

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The Wisdom Quotes Cafe Facebook Group and Blog are designed in a unique way to help you become your own coach by connecting with the wisdom you already have within you.  


Follow along each week as a new topic is presented, and explore the most helpful wisdom quotes, coaching notes, videos and songs, created and compiled to simplify and apply everything you're discovering.    


Join a community of people with open minds and hearts in a non-judgmental, supportive space, and experience how to live life as one who is awake and present.

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Group Coaching

Group coaching is an opportunity to experience wisdom coaching in an intimate and informal small group setting.

Together, we learn how to experience and apply innate wisdom and well-being in your particular environment and situations. Client needs are discussed to create a tailor made Wisdom Coaching Program which can be delivered online or in person.

Private Coaching

For those who want to have the benefit of one to one communication on a regular basis, exploring more deeply and practically how to access wisdom in specific, personal circumstances, private coaching is recommended.

Private Wisdom Coaching is conducted online or over the phone on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, with unlimited remote support between sessions.

This type of coaching requires a minimum three month commitment. 

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Please use this form to ask questions, share suggestions, express an interest in coaching, or simply to connect.

Thanks for connecting.


You have to be willing to go beyond all your precious thoughts, ideas, beliefs and concepts, to a space of pure presence, and then wisdom will speak, guide, move, surprise and uplift.
~Dr. Dicken Bettinger
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