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Experiencing the Wisdom Within

Notice how much you've been relying on other sources to receive wisdom, and getting distracted from the voice of clarity that is always available within you.

How to get the most out of these Wisdom Quotes:

  1. Put aside everything you think you already know.

  2. Open your mind and heart to receive something new.

  3. Take your time going through each point.

  4. Return to any points that particularly touch you.

  5. In the coming days, listen carefully to the wisdom within you.

* All quotes are by Elsie Spittle from: What if You Already Knew the Answers to Your Questions?

1. Having the Sense of Oneness

"To me, the Oneness is a deep feeling of connection, of harmony, of form and formless being One; the essence from which life and all the physical world is formed.

I have the sense of the Oneness of our human and our spiritual nature, of soul connection with humanity. I have love and deep respect for nature and all of God’s creatures.

What underlies the sense of connection is the “deep feeling” of our true nature."


There are many concepts around the topic of Oneness, and with those concepts, we get into all sorts of debates and arguments. This week, put aside your concepts and focus on Oneness as the essence of the wisdom within you.

This quote is filled with rich insights but don't try to understand it with your mind. Read it again, more slowly, and sense what the words are pointing to.

2. Soul to Soul Connection

“I felt a deep compassion for this man who was really struggling with certain health issues. A strong connection developed between us and in that connection, I found ways to assist him with his needs. He calmed down as we talked. It was helpful to him and to me."

She paused after she related this to me. “Oh,”she said, her eyes lighting up. “Is this the Oneness? Connection?”

“Yes, that’s what I see,” I responded. “Oneness is soul to soul connection, our true nature listening and speaking to one another.

Sometimes I feel that we look to philosophical answers and tend to dismiss the practicality and common sense of the Oneness, the connection that you experienced in this work-related phone conversation.”

Carol went quiet for a moment, and then slowly spoke, “It never occurred to me that Oneness could be simple; I always thought insight came with a big bang. The insights I’ve had have been quiet and didn’t seem like a big deal. Now I’m wondering if I’ve been missing out by not realizing this.”

“You see it now; that’s what counts.”


How many times have you felt a deep connection with another soul? What about the last time you felt compassion? It may have been so fleeting, yet in that moment there was a true, soul-to-soul connection.

Have you been seeking wisdom through insights, yet missing them because they often show up in a quiet and unassuming way?

3. Simple Peace of Mind

"A dear client, Olivia, recently asked me during our Zoom call, what was my favorite way of getting quiet. She mentioned that she was on holiday however, she wasn't finding the joy she expected.

This is how Olivia put it, "Even though I'm on holiday and having a good time, I see a big difference between that and having some quiet time, finding peace of mind. I'm longing for a sense of stillness. How do you find quiet, Elsie?"

As I reflected on her question, it occurred to me that I do nothing to get "quiet."

I love to sit on my patio, sometimes with Ken, and sometimes on my own. I listen to nature, the whisper of the trees in the background, the sound of hummingbirds' wings speeding by me to the feeder. I smell the intoxicating fragrance of the honeysuckle vine, and I see the bunny running across the backyard, pausing to view me, then skipping along to hide under the patio deck. Deadheading the flowers on the patio is another favorite thing to do without thinking I must "do."

Getting quiet isn't about going somewhere or doing something. It's simply about 'being' in our true nature, which allows us to enjoy the form of nature surrounding us, wherever we may be.

Oftentimes we miss the beauty of where we are, thinking we must go on holiday somewhere else."

Olivia's face lit up as she listened intently. "That feels so right, Elsie. Thank you. I feel more peaceful already. I didn't realize that I could find that feeling of peace right where I am. However, as you spoke, it brought back times when I have felt so content, just enjoying being at home, cooking up a gourmet meal just for me, or going for walks with my dog, Bella.

I see now that I took that feeling for granted. I guess I was wanting more bells and whistles to my quiet."


Have you been trying to get quiet so you can hear the wisdom within you? Just like Elsie, we don't have to do anything to get quiet, because peace of mind is already part of our true nature. You can find that feeling of peace right where you are, right now.

Allow wisdom to speak to you in the stillness of this peace. Have you been wanting more bells and whistles to your quiet? You don't need to go anywhere or do anything special to experience peace of mind.

4. Unconditional Trust

"Trust used to be conditional for me. In other words, I would trust that things would turn out as I planned when I had all the pieces in place. Having all the pieces in place required a great deal of effort and action in order to succeed.

If my plans didn't materialize in the way I thought they should, I lost trust, not only in my plan, but more importantly, in myself. I would feel that I hadn't planned well enough, that I was not intelligent enough, that I didn't have the education I needed to manifest my words and ideas into reality. Simply put, I felt I wasn't enough!

What became apparent to me during this learning is that it's not about building trust in ourselves; it's about releasing the trust that is inherent within us. That spiritual trust is part of us, part of our true nature. Spiritual trust is a gift packaged within our wisdom.

Trust is a quality of strength and confidence, of knowing there is nothing to do, except "listen." Knowing that trust is holding us safe, whether or not we know which direction we're going in or what the next step is in our journey.

I can't describe the peace this insight has brought me. Such comfort in knowing that I really don't have to trust my "doing." Rather, it is knowing that trust is already a done deal.

It's a matter of our personal thinking getting out of the way, thus releasing the abundance of trust, inner strength, peace of mind and clarity, to continually thrive on our spiritual and physical journey."


Is your trust conditional, dependent on external circumstances and your personal capabilities? It doesn't have to be when you listen more deeply to your wisdom and discover the spiritual trust that abides within you.

How often have you worried about something, only for it to turn out fine in the end, despite your lack of trust? Know "that trust is holding us safe, whether or not we know which direction we're going in or what the next step is in our journey."

5. Remember to Listen

"She was about to talk again when I said very firmly, "Just a moment, Jada. Listen. What about your wisdom? When do you leave space to hear your wisdom? When do you 'just live' rather than follow others, including me?"

Jada's pause held. I knew in that moment she was listening to her wisdom. And I knew that even if it was only a moment, that moment of wisdom was enough for her to "see" something new.

Those of you who know me know that a central theme of my sharing has been to strongly encourage people to listen to their own wisdom, to find and express their own original voice, rather than consistently seeking others they consider wise, and listening to them instead of to themselves.

So why do we ignore this teaching? Why do we continue to listen to others rather than our own innate wisdom, our spiritual inheritance? An inheritance is meant to be cherished and used to benefit ourselves and others, not stored away."


In our search for wisdom, we follow others who help us find direction and point us to truth. But this help is not meant to replace our own, innate wisdom.

Notice how much you've been relying on other sources to receive wisdom, and getting distracted from the voice of clarity that is always available within you. Remember to be still and listen.

6. Born With a Gift for the World

"The simplicity of wisdom is that it releases our souls, our true nature. Our true nature is love. Love has great power. Love has infinite protection.

The more we live in love, the calmer we are, and that comforting feeling ripples into society, bringing some peace and harmony to a world in need.

What matters is looking to love, to understanding and wisdom; all spiritual essence that fills us and makes us what we are.

Living in love brings divine understanding, offering real protection from the trials of life, not only for us, but by our contact, brings a degree of protection to others.

This is the gift we are all born with, to share wisdom with others."


Wisdom is so much more than simply knowing what to do. As we come to know the wisdom within us, our true nature is released and love is expressed. This expression of love then ripples out as a profound blessing to the whole world.


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