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How to Coach Yourself

Everything on this page will lead you to the wisdom and well-being you already have within you. 

This stuff really works, so don't rush through it.

1. If you like to read, use the Blog

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Start by picking a problem

Just focus on one for now.

Click on it and follow the guidelines.

2. If you like to interact, use the Group

One daily wisdom quote with insightful coaching notes

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I'm there to support you as you share your questions and experiences in the comments

3. If you like videos, use the Channel

  • Aliki Reddy YouTube
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Find helpful and creative videos for your self-coaching journey on YouTube

5. If you like crash courses, do this

Take the FREE Profound Well-Being Course

"I'm not sure how to express it, but it's amazing to me how you combined what seems like all the information one would need to make the quantum leap of consciousness into one hour. I don't think I have run across this before." ~JM

Forget all you know about yourself; forget all you have ever thought about yourself. We are going to start as if we knew nothing.
~J. Krishmamurti

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Remember, the only thing you need to be is open.

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