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Turn your life into a beautiful journey of daily transformation

Are you tired of the endless quest for happiness and fulfillment?

Have you invested in programs that fail to deliver on their promises?

Is time slipping away while you're still waiting for meaningful change?

If you're committed to your personal growth journey but have struggled to get results, please stop waiting for a better, future version of yourself and start living in the awareness of your true nature.

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Your Journey So Far

You've explored a myriad of self-improvement practices in pursuit of a transformative lifestyle. Yet, despite your sincere intentions, maintaining consistency has been difficult, leading you back to familiar habits. Online courses promised transformation, but a lack of accountability hindered your progress.

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Your Quest for Real Transformation

You know you're coachable and willing to put in the work, but the never-ending cycle of disappointment is wearing you down. What if you could stop waiting for a better, future version of yourself and, instead, use the life you have right now to discover a deeper dimension of yourself where everything is already aligned and satisfying?


Aliki Reddy

Self-Discovery Coach & Founder of the Wisdom Quotes Cafe

I Used to Be a
Self-Improvement Addict

I struggled for decades to have a real breakthrough. I consumed book after book and took countless courses. I was an excellent student! But my capacity to make the necessary chages was limited.


It all felt forced.

Yet the promise of a better life and better me kept me going on this path of constant disappointment. Ultimately, I saw that my pursuit was being fueled by the belief that I was lacking in some way and that I wasn't good enough.


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My Turning Point

Following my intuition, I invested $4500 in becoming a certified Life Coach. (The typical trainings I explored didn't go deep enough so I was drawn to a curriculum with a more spiritual perspective.)

As part of my training, I dived into the teachings of some of the wisest people in the world, many of whom I had never heard of. Their words resonated deeply and they sparked the wisdom within me.

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The Power of Insights

The result was that my entire thought-created world dissolved into present moment awareness. Everything I had ever believed evaporated with the realization that I had been living my entire life in an identity created by my conditioned mind.


There was an instant shift in my being which immediately transformed my world.

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Alignment With Aliki


Real transformation has nothing to do with trying to change yourself.

It has everything to do with waking up to your true nature.


Through the transformative power of the wisdom within you and my uniquely intuitive coaching style

We focus on:

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1  - Unmuddle Your Mind


Establish a Healthy Relationship With Your Mind

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Make the shift from being caught up in your distracted thoughts to being aware of them, and break free from your conditioned patterns.

Learn to Hear and Trust Your Innate Wisdom

Once your thoughts let go of you, you're free to experience your intuitive intelligence that is always moving you in the right direction.

Create a Beautiful Place to Live

Transform your inner environment by allowing wisdom and the intellect to work together in harmony, and enjoy an uncluttered and free mind.

2  - Tune into Your Energy


Recognize Your Resistance

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Discover the limits you have placed on your happiness by closing your heart every time life doesn't show up the way you want it to.

Establish a Healthy Relationship With Your Inner Energy

Practice keeping your heart open by relaxing and releasing through your triggers, freeing yourself from the exhausting habit of protecting your ego.

Live in the Daily Flow of Life

As you become aware of the patterns that trigger you and feel the shifts of your inner energy, you will naturally realign with the flow of life, navigating challenges with wisdom and grace.

3  - Merge With Presence

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Discover the Present Moment

Become conscious of your breath and everything that is here with you now so you can be empowered to respond to life's greatest invitation, to be present.

Honour the Present Moment

Through present moment awareness, you will spontaneously embrace presence in your daily activities and be available to give your attention to the step you are taking right now for your goals.

Know Yourself as Presence

As you become aligned with life, the magical realm of presence is revealed, along with all the riches that have been hidden within you. Words are not adequate to describe the simple yet deep satisfaction of this intimate oneness.


"Aliki has shown me another way of living. My eyes have been opened and I will never look at life the same way." ~MG
"Your voice and the words you say are a gift from God. You are a master. ~JD
"I have found a peace and clarity that I have never known before. Aliki has a way of listening to you and getting to the heart of the matter." ~SC


I had a 1-hour Alignment Session with Aliki and found the experience transformative. Before working with her, I was feeling dissatisfied and impatient about where I was in my business. My mind wanted to be on version 10 but in real life, I was only living out version 1! I was also frustrated that I wasn’t able to give as much time to my business as I wanted to. I had started to grapple with these feelings myself but I wasn’t able to get past them. 


During the session, Aliki helped me to explore why I was resisting the present moment so much by asking insightful questions, sharing her wisdom and leading me through a guided meditation. 


I realised that I find working on a goal so exciting that I can struggle to just be and then this actually gets in the way of my progress. The session helped me to open up a new way of relating to the present moment and viewing it from a place of service, enjoyment and flow while still working on my business.


Aliki’s coaching style was amazing. She was non-judgmental and in such a short time, created a safe space for introspection and exploration. After the session she followed up with me on my homework. I really felt she cared and was genuinely committed to my progress.


I wholeheartedly recommend Aliki's Alignment Sessions. Particularly if you're a business owner and you’re feeling dissatisfied about where you are and are overly future focused, then this could be not only a business game changer but a life changer for you too.


Alison May

Co-Owner and Head Coach

The One Life School

Aliki’s wisdom helped bring about profound change in my approach to thinking. Before my alignment session I was caught up in the noise, trying to navigate and struggle through my thoughts, but after just one session, Aliki was able to give me the clarity, peace and insights to make lasting change in my life.


Her ability to hold the space and listen deeply, gave me the opportunity to feel heard and understood. Aliki has a unique gift in that she can shine a light on where I was holding myself back, yet allow me to discover my own insight and inner wisdom of what my intuition is calling for. I feel completely at ease and ready to pursue my ambitious goals and dreams, thank you Aliki!


Andrew Miles

Founder and Integrative Coach

Clearly Wellbeing

Agnes Bogardi

Business Growth Consultant


An Invitation

If you don't want to put off your happiness and freedom for another day and you feel ready to align with your true nature,

I'm here to support you.

In just one Alignment Session, you can receive insights that will wake you up from your thought-created world to discover something completely new: a way of living that doesn't require arguing with life or trying to improve yourself anymore.

Use the life you have right now to discover a deeper dimension of yourself where you can experience alignment like never before.

The more you get to know your true nature, the more you will experience a flow in your daily life, and you will find, with great delight, that transformation happens spontaneously and effortlessly.

You will see that change can happen instantly, in the moment, as soon as you become aware of what you're doing that's interfering with life's energy flow.

Discover the true you—the self that doesn't need improving. Your beautiful life is waiting, and it begins right here, right now.

Listen to what some of the wisest spiritual teachers have to say...


You find peace,

not by rearranging the circumstances of your life

but by realizing who you are

at the deepest level.

Eckhart Tolle

Being yourself is actually the only thing in life that requires no effort at all.

Everything else apart from being yourself

requires effort.

Rupert Spira

You are already free,

and all that blocks your realization of that freedom

is your attachment to some thought

of who you are.


So many people that I meet around the world

are just so exhausted with this whole thing,

this constant striving for money, success, fame, wealth, even for enlightenment,

and never quite being able to get there,

feeling far away from there,

or feeling very close to there but not quite being able to get there.


And even when you get there,

you can’t stay there permanently.

You get there and you lose there and you want to get back there.


The whole thing can become so exhausting

and what we long for is just this deep rest.

We long for home.

That’s really the question underneath all this - where is home?

Jeff Foster

As you share the details of your world with me,
we will 
masterfully use all of it to realign with life and make the present moment finally feel like home.​

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