How to Coach Yourself

Eventually, you will come to a point in your life when you realize the change you want to see in the world begins with you. This is when the search begins, to find content and guidance on how to do that, and this is where it's easy to get distracted and lose your way.

The Wisdom Quotes Cafe was created to bring you back to the most important focus: discovering the truth of life and the truth of who you are. This is accomplished by serving the most insightful and helpful wisdom quotes every day, with fresh weekly topics that spark your deepest awareness and wake you up from the self-talk in your head. 

As you become nourished with these profound wisdom quotes, you will discover that you have innate wisdom and well-being that is always available to you when you're not interfering with it.  The best part is that you can trust it to do its work and guide you through life moment by moment in the most beautiful way. All you need to do is be open.

Below are some excellent resources. Use them to coach yourself and trust the wisdom within to show you the way. 

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The Blog

Every blog post is a treasure store of wisdom and insight. Simply choose the topic that speaks to your heart in this particular moment, and give yourself some quiet time to take it in. 

You may read an entire post in one day or take a week to go through it. You may decide to come back to it again and again, and you may be inspired to follow all the links to get deeper into it. Trust and follow your intuition.

There are new blog posts every week which you can get delivered to your inbox automatically by using the form in the footer. (Please do check the spam folder as they tend to go there). 

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The Group

The Wisdom Quotes Cafe Facebook Group is designed and run in a unique way to facilitate self-coaching.

Follow along each week as a new topic is presented, and explore the most helpful wisdom quotes and coaching notes, compiled to simplify and apply everything you're discovering.


Join a community of people with open minds and hearts in a non-judgemental, supportive space, and experience how to live life as one who is awake and present.

There is only one post a day in this group to keep the desired focus in a clutter-free space.

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The Videos

As well as the blog and group, you can use the YouTube Channel as a valuable resource.

Here, you will find helpful videos which summarize everything on the blog (which is great if you'd rather watch than read) and songs (often at the end of these videos) to help you remember and experience everything you're learning. 

There is also a webinar for those who are completely new to these types of quotes and perpectives. 


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You have to be willing to go beyond all your precious thoughts, ideas, beliefs and concepts, to a space of pure presence, and then wisdom will speak, guide, move, surprise and uplift.
~Dr. Dicken Bettinger