Aliki Reddy

In my early fifties, I had an awakening experience where I woke up from the snow globe effect of my thinking. As soon as this happened, my thoughts let go of me, my emotions stabilised and I experienced the freedom I had always longed for - freedom from habitual stress, from constant overthinking and from always waiting to find fulfillment. 

When this happened, all the beauty and richness of life started to unfold and I began to experience the joy and peace of simply being alive. I stopped chasing happiness and realised that I didn't need to be, do or have anything in order to be happy and satisfied. I just needed to wake up.

We are all evolving into this consciousness, where we experience natural well-being in our daily life, trust our intuition to keep us grounded, and enjoy the freedom of living in the present moment. 

I've created an online space to facilitate this process through wonderful quotes of wisdom.  It's my joy and honour to invite you to the Wisdom Quotes Cafe, a growing community of people just like you, who are ready to wake up from a state of self-hypnosis, to live life as a person who is awake and present. 

Ways to Serve You


Profound Well-Being Workshops & Presentations

If you would like me to deliver a workshop or presentation to your group, please contact me to discuss details. 


Profound Well-Being Coaching

If you are interested in personalised one-on-one or group coaching. Please contact me for more details.