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I was 52 years old when I found out that I have innate (built-in) wisdom and well-being, and that the thoughts which I spent my entire life believing were mostly not true.

That's when my whole world suddenly shifted and I experienced the most profound yet ordinary freedom. Profound because my constant, stressful, mental narrative became quiet, and ordinary because I was able to just live life instead of living in a thought-constructed prison where I constantly conceptualized problems. 

When you're not creating psychological drama all the time, it frees you up to be present with people instead of in your thoughts about them. It frees you up to meet life openly as it unfolds instead of fighting with it and complaining about it. And it frees you up to dive deeply into yourself and discover the truth of who you are. 

In this online space, you will find words of wisdom that have the power to spark your awareness and transform your experience of life. It is my joy and honour to serve you these life-changing and, in some cases, life-saving words of wisdom. 

May you be open to receiving them in the spirit with which they are intended. 




Aliki Reddy is a qualified Profound Well-Being Practitioner and Transformative Coach who created the Wisdom Quotes Cafe as a valuable resource for humanity's mental and emotional well-being.