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Don't just read wise words.
Live by them. Every day.

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Welcome to the Wisdom Quotes Cafe

Wisdom quotes & coaching notes for daily living

Step 1: Come in with an open heart

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"Forget all you know about yourself; forget all you have ever thought about yourself. We are going to start as if we knew nothing."
~ J. Krishnamurti

Step 2: Choose what speaks to you now

Step 3: Listen to the wisdom within


Hello! I'm Aliki, your host in the Wisdom Quotes Cafe.

When I'm choosing the wisdom quotes and creating the coaching notes for this unique, online space, I'm guided by the simple mantra: "Is this helpful?" 


The quotes that are served here (by people like: Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Rupert Spira, Adyashanti, Jeff Foster, Mooji, Sydney Banks, Michael Singer and Thich Nhat Hanh, to name a few) are incredibly powerful and transformative when they spark awareness in you.


But I've also discovered that many of us struggle to implement what we learn. The words of wisdom resonate deeply, but how do I apply them in my daily life?

It's not as difficult or complicated as you might think. Every piece of content here is pointing to the wisdom and well-being you already have within you. I use my skills as a coach and content-creator to help you realize what's interfering with your experience of that.

What we're doing here is actually creating our own curriculum for life with all the best teachers. But it's not a school because we don't learn this stuff intellectually. It's a cafe because we take it in as refreshment and nourishment for our soul.

Thank you for being here. May these quotes bless you daily.

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"You have to be willing to go beyond all your precious thoughts, ideas, beliefs and concepts, to a space of pure presence, and then wisdom will speak, guide, move, surprise and uplift."
~ Dr. Dicken Bettinger

"This is true freedom: a mind that is no longer deceived by itself."
~ Byron Katie

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