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The Wisdom

The wisdom quotes served here are chosen with a specific purpose. They are helpful yet profound, always sparking an awareness of the wisdom within you, and guiding you into a life of simplicity and freedom.

The Quotes

All the quotes are served under four main categories:

  1.  See the menu below and simply choose what speaks to your heart in this moment.

  2. Go that section and find the post you need for today.

  3. Give yourself some quiet time to take it in.

  4. Trust and follow your intution.

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Profound wisdom quotes to set you free from the prison of your mind

Liberating wisdom quotes to release you from struggling with life

Helpful wisdom quotes to break the cycle of reliving the past and worrying about the future

Enlightening wisdom quotes to guide you into
a deeper understanding of yourself and the world we live in

The Cafe

The Wisdom Quotes Cafe is an online space for enjoying insightful quotes, designed to bring you out of your conditioned mind and into the oneness of your true nature.


Served daily in the Facebook Group and weekly here on the website, these enlightening wisdom quotes will nourish you and show you that you always have innate wisdom and well-being available to you when you're not interfering with it.

What the world needs right now, what we all need, is wisdom.