Words to spark your awareness.


  • What does an awakening experience look like?

  • ​Is awakening a future state to be achieved?

  • What are the four levels of seeing?


Mental Health

  • What can I do about my anxiety attacks?

  • How do I free myself from troubling thoughts?

  • How can I put the past behind me?

Herbal tea
White horse


  • How can I stay open and loving?

  • Why do I have energy blocks?

  • What does it mean that everything is divine energy?


Know Yourself 

  • Who am I at the deepest level?

  • How do wisdom and the intellect work together?

  • How do I rest as awareness?

Peace of Mind

  • How can peace be my default setting?

  • Where do my problems really come from?

  • How can I find true happiness?

Drop of water on flower petal


  • How can I connect more deeply with nature?

  • What valuable lessons can I learn from animals?

  • How can nature teach me stillness?

Pine cone

The World

  • Why is the world the way it is?

  • What can I do to change the world?

  • How does my awareness make a difference?



  • How do I deal with loneliness?

  • Why do I react so negatively to some people?

  • How can I connect more deeply with someone?

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Our ultimate purpose is to awaken.